We are sure you will enjoy our new 20,000 sf facility which includes:


165x75 indoor arena

100x200 outdoor arena

Private & group turnout available

Hay fed 4x daily

Grain fed 2x daily (additional feedings are available if needed)

Large 12x12 matted stalls with ample bedding

No set hours so you can spend time with your horse when it is convenient for you


                     Full Board ~ Rough Board w/CoOP option ~ Semi Rough Boad~ Outside board


Full board entails: 

FFJJC will supply grain/hay/shavings*

FFJJC will clean stall daily

FFJJC will feed, turn in/out horse

FFJJC will water stall/paddock

FFJJC will keep paddock tidy

FFJJC will put 1 blanket on when cold

Take 1 blanket off when hot if provided

FFJJC will put a fly mask or sheet on if provided

FFJJC will bring horse in for services such as vet, farrier, dentist only if check for such services are received in advance

*Anything above and beyond what the farm provides is the sole responsibility of the boarder. Any additional hay, grain, stretcher supplements etc. would be considered above and beyond.


Rough Board Entails:

Rough Boarders solely responsible for their own horses this includes but not limited to grain, hay shavings feeding turning in/out stall/paddock cleaning.

Rough boarders are expected to keep their areas and isles clean and tidy, and are expected to keep their paddocks and stalls picked and clean each day.

FFJJC is not responsible for the care and maintenance of rough boarding horses.

Rough boarders are responsible for their own equipment needs.

FFJJC will allow use of their equipment but is not required to provide equipment such as brooms, forks, hoses, wheelbarrows ect.

Rough Boarders are welcome to participate in a CO-OP type situatiuon with the other Rough Boarders details determined between participants and has nothing to do with FFJJC.

FFJJC can feed turn in/out only if grain is pre-made for an additional fee of $150/month.

**This service is for graining turn in/out ONLY.   Owner is still responsible for own horse care/maintenance and stall/paddock cleaning. Owner is to have hay/water pre-set up in paddock and stall.


 FFJJC only rents the space and use of facility and equiptment.  

Full Board: $725/mo