Barn Rules...


Please bear in mind that horseback riding requires muscle coordination, balance, mental alertness, and the ability to follow directions promptly and accurately.  In the interest of safety, Fairview Farms administration, management and faculty reserves the right to forbid students or boarders who are mentally or physically unfit, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol to ride or handle horses.

The decision of the facility manager is final in regard to the use of all facilities and related equipment.  In the absence of the facility manager, the stable supervisor will make the final decision.

In reference to an issue about your horse, changes, questions, complaints, etc. must be taken to Krystine O'Connor.

The decision of the instructor is final in regard to the use of horses and related equipment. In the absence of an instructor, the decision of the barn manager is final.

There is to be NO SMOKING in the barn area.

Fairview Farms owned equipment is available for use by all students riding our horses; however, it is not to be kept in private lockers or trunks for exclusive use by one student unless the instructor has given permission and the equipment is signed out (training class, horse show).  Any tack found in student trunks will be considered stolen and may be handled as theft.

A scheduled activity has priority in the use of facilities and horses.

Handling Horses

Horses are not to be left unattended or untied in grooming areas or wash stalls or left unattended while tied in stalls.

Horses are never to be tied in any way by the bridle.  A halter may be slipped over the bridle if a horse must be tied with its bridle on.

Horses are never to be out of their stalls without proper restraints.  They must be wearing a halter and lead shank/rope, or bridle.

Horses should not be chased while loose in the paddocks.  If they need to be worked before riding, please do so in the round pen or on a longe line.

Horses are not to be grazed loose except in paddocks.  Handlers must remain standing when grazing a horse.  Do not let your horse graze grass with the bit in his mouth.

Stall doors must be completely open and latches pushed back before leading a horse in or out of his stall.  Walk into the stall with your horse.

Clean and Tidy

It is the absolute responsibility of the boarders and students to clean up after themselves and their horses.  There are adequate trash containers as well as shovels, brooms and muck buckets for the disposal of manure, hair, hoof pickings and general refuse.  Please use these, and do not leave unsightly messes in the aisles.  Stalls may not be cleaned into the muck buckets in the crosstie areas unless the buckets are dumped.  If bedding or manure spills from the wheelbarrow or bucket, it must be swept up.  This includes around the stall, in the aisles, through the outside doors, and in the drives.  YOU MAKE A MESS, YOU CLEAN IT UP!!


The hoses must be wound up (aisle) after you are finished using them.  Shod horses puncture hoses when they step on them.  In winter, the hose is kept in the lounge to prevent it from freezing.  Please return it there when you are finished using it.  Drain the hose before putting it in the lounge.

Additional Rules

Keep all areas neat and clean, particularly barn aisles.

No riding is permitted in the barn aisles or in stalls.

Do not dump trash in manure buckets or manure in trash bins.

Please return equipment to its proper place after use.

Turn lights off when you leave the room or if you are the last person to leave the barn.

Telephone use is limited to emergencies only.  NO long distance service is provided.