Krystine O'Connor

Barn Owner- Program Director

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Aliya Corkery



Aliya Corkery

Aliya has always had a love of horses, she started at the age of 6. She has been a member of the Worstershire Pony Club for 10 years,  She is a C2 HB member and a licensed instructor in the state of Massachusetts.  Her passion is jumping,but she has competed in a varitety of disciplines such as Eventing, Hunters, Show Jumping, Dressage, barrel and pole bending and ghymkhana. She has competed regionally and nationally with great success.

Currently Aliya Works at Tufts large animal clinic,   while pursuing college for large animal veterinary career.

She is passionate and patient in her instructon. Her lesson base ranges young kids through adults.







Barn Staff

Colleen Gary  




Coleen Gary

Colleen's continued education in natural horsemanship has allowed her the opportunity to work amazing trainers and great horses.

Colleen is also a Massachusetts licensed riding instructor.